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Century 21 Martinez & Associates was founded on one principal: hard work equals more money. With an unwavering dedication and a proven track record of success, our premier Management Team assists motivated Real Estate Agents in earning the Six Figure Income they deserve.

Through intensive industry research and the contribution of inside knowledge from leading experts nationwide, we identified the 5 key elements required for a powerful Real Estate career: personalized Coaching, comprehensive Back End Support, continuous Training, quality company generated Leads, and the unquestionable credibility associated with an international Brand.

Our on-site, laser-focused Support and Guidance team are always available to assist agents with the incorporation of the 5 pillars into their personalized business plans. Through the daily use of our dynamic system, seasoned agents have broken into profit margins that exceeded their highest expectations, while new agents began generating tremendous amounts of business within months of becoming established.

At Century 21 Martinez & Associates, each member of our Management Team has made it their personal mission to preserve our position as leaders at the forefront of the industry. Through the combination of our 5 pillars for success and uncontainable enthusiasm for the Real Estate industry, you too can begin making the Six Figure Income you deserve.

Our 5 Defining Principles for Success:

Which ones will assist you in generating the Six Figure Income you deserve?

Comprehensive Training

Century 21 Martinez & Associates places a heavy emphasis on providing the most comprehensive training program in the Real Estate industry. Our expert trainers lead Sales Associates through dynamic and motivational sessions on topics that benefit new and seasoned Agents alike. Led with a contagious enthusiasm, our high-energy continuous training sessions help Agents easily turn these fundamental skills into second nature.

Our jam-packed training schedule runs Monday through Friday, and covers topics that include: Mindset Training, Role Playing, Compliance Training, Sales Training, motivational Company Sales Meetings, Script Training, in-depth C21 Tools Training, as well as our Daily Academy sessions, a program entirely dedicated to breaking down Compliance, Sales, and Tools for Agents who are brand new to Real Estate.

In addition to our weekly schedule, we also offer in-house Century 21 CE crediting classes on the 1st Sales Associates to remain up to date with state credit requirements at no extra charge.

Century 21 Brand

There is an unquestionable credibility attributed to a Real Estate Agent operating within an internationally recognized brand. Whether they are a seasoned Sales Associate or brand new to the business, their affiliation with the Century 21 brand creates an instant level of trust between them and their clients. In addition to the reputation of the Century 21 brand, Agents also have access to an arsenal of tools and systems that literally no other brand in the Real Estate industry offers.

With access to their aggressive social media marketing tools, Agents are able to enhance their presence on major sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, while mobile marketing tools provide an easy way for Agents to collect and share information. Through the addition of Century 21 Search Engine Optimization tools and a brand provided personal web page, a Century 21 Agent’s visibility is dramatically elevated to the top of multiple search engines.

Century 21 Agents also have access to streamlined back end systems. These include organizational systems like the Century 21 Business Builder, a customer relationship manager that helps Agents easily market to their personal client database, and the Century 21 LeadRouter program, a powerful software that matches and instantly updates Agents with company generated leads by email. Marketing systems include the Century 21 Preferred Client Club, an exclusive direct mail system created to deliver Century 21 brand magazines and greeting cards to repeat and referral clients, and Century 21 Admaker, a program that assists in creating powerful personalized online, radio, print and television ads. Century 21 Agents also have tools to enhance the attractiveness of their online listings with virtual tours, videos, photos, and open house information with Listing Central, as well as measure their online visibility with The Golden Ruler online presence reporting system and collect client feedback through Quality Service Surveys.

Our in-house expert Trainer provides Century 21 Agents with a comprehensive understanding on how to make these tools and systems do the work for them. By having the knowledge to thoroughly maximize each one, an Agent’s career will become more powerful and streamlined.

Personalized Coaching

Seeking the guidance of a powerful, expert Coach is one of the smartest decisions a Real Estate Agent can ever make for themselves. Throughout the process of creating a high-profit business, having the support of a mentor that is deeply knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry will allow an Agent to take the correct steps no matter what the situation. Of course, access to this in-depth knowledge and business savvy will come with a hefty price tag. In this sense, Real Estate Agents who operate within Century 21 Martinez & Associates have a distinct advantage over the majority of Agents in the industry.

It isn’t uncommon for Real Estate Agents to pay upwards of $12,000 a year for weekly Coaching sessions. At Century 21 Martinez & Associates, our expert Coaches operate in-house 5 days a week, and provide personalized, comprehensive coaching sessions complementary to Agents. Because of their close proximity, Coaches are able to formulate custom business plans based on the personal relationships built during each weekly, half-hour session.

In addition to the complementary, in-house Coaching sessions provided at Century 21 Martinez & Associates, Juan Martinez also offers Real Estate Agents the opportunity to experience the benefits of The Mike Ferry Organization, the leading Real Estate Coaching and Training company in the world. Juan has been personally Coached by Mike Ferry for the last 14 years, so the decision to give his Agents heavily discounted, and at times fully reimbursed, access to the organization’s products, retreats, workshops, and weekly Coaching program was a simple one. This is a great opportunity for Agents to absorb as much Real Estate knowledge as possible at an affordable price.

Regardless of if an Agent is seasoned or a new licensee, personal business Coaching sessions have proved greatly beneficial in every case. Juan Martinez and his team of Productivity Coaches provide Real Estate Agents with the expert career guidance needed to quickly reach the Six Figure Income they deserve.

Company Leads

Throughout the Real Estate industry, Agents are often found competing against their Broker for access to quality Company Generated Leads, typically with little to no back-end support. At Century 21 Martinez & Associates, Broker/Owner Juan Martinez made the decision to take on the less common supportive role of a non-competing Broker. Absolutely all Company Generated Leads are managed exclusively for Agents through a comprehensive back-end support system. The immense benefits of this stance have assisted our Agents in converting an exceptional amount of Leads and generating the Six Figure Income they deserve.

All of our Company Generated Leads are pre-screened for motivation and qualification by our Leads Manager before being transferred to available Agents via our LeadRouter™ back-end system. Qualified Leads are produced through a multitude of avenues including social media marketing campaigns, referral networks, walk-ins, advertisement campaigns held through radio, print, television, and online platforms, sign calls, as well as the use of over 800 search engines, including, Trulia, Zillow, and Most importantly, a tremendous amount of Company Generated Leads are the result of Juan’s past client database, compiled over the span of 14 years, which generates over 400 transactions a year. Century 21 Martinez & Associates also receives an immense amount of quality Company Leads due to our position as a preferred Broker to many national mortgage lenders, asset management companies, and government agencies, for whom we manage bank-owned properties.

In order to provide our ever growing team of Agents with an ample amount of Company Generated Leads, Century 21 Martinez & Associates has begun the process of creating a Call Center. This development, although extremely beneficial, remains uncommon within the Real Estate industry. Our team of telemarketers will generate Company Leads through the use of city wide prospecting. This tactic, in conjunction with all other methods of Lead Generation, will kick our Lead Center into overdrive.

Back End Support

As a Real Estate Agent begins generating a high­ volume of business, Buyer presentations, lead follow up, property showings, prospecting, and listing appointments will reveal themselves as some of the most important avenues to pursue. However, without the assistance of a Back End Support system, it is easy to get swallowed by the enormous amount of administrative work that comes with every single listing. From managing escrows, inputting listings, and maintaining an updated client database; to writing contracts, running errands, and executing marketing campaigns – Agents are constantly interrupted from the most profitable activities by these necessary but time consuming Back End administrative tasks.

At Century 21 Martinez & Associates, we are in the process of developing a revolutionary Rent Assistant support force that will allow our Agents to laser-focus their attention on generating sales and earning a Six Figure Income. Through this system, Agents will have full access to rentable, pre­-trained personal assistants if and when they need them. Whether that is 1 hour or 30 hours a week, access to capable assistants will be available at a flat hourly cost. Century 21 Martinez & Associates will do the work of hiring, training, and maintaining each assistant on retainer so that busy Real Estate Agents can maintain their focus on high ­powered lead generation.

With this revolutionary system in place, Real Estate Agents will be able to push their production further than previously possible. With the Back End Support of a qualified Rent Assistant, an Agent’s ability to grow their business will no longer be interrupted. Agents will finally be able to maximize their time and increase their profits to their highest potential!